Retirement Financial Calculator

(67KB zipped, 86KB exe)

Used to examine what-if cases for determining what it takes to retire in comfort, or at least with food on the table, or if it is to late to save more, how long you can last on your current investments. Unique in that contributions and withdrawals are indexed to inflation. Other calculator programs do not do this. If you do not allow for inflation over your investment/retirement years, sticker shock will be the last of your worries. This program uses average rate-of-return and average inflation rates. This DOS program is adapted from a HP-41 calculator [] program I wrote in 1984.

Download the zip file and unzip all files into a folder. Source code included. Scan it for viruses if you worry. Drag a shortcut of the 'retire.exe' to the Desktop. When run it will appear as a DOS window. Below is a sample of the starting screen in “retire.exe”. Click on any of the cases or 'Choose' options in the sample screen to see the corresponding sample screens.

[Download here]